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2019 F/OSS-Firms Survey: Homebrew/Homebrew-core

Welcome to our 5-minute express survey!


Research project: The 2019 F/OSS-Firms Survey is part of the 'Mapping the co-production of digital infrastructure by peer projects and firms' project, which is supported by the Critical Digital Infrastructure Fund (Sloan and Ford Foundations). This project aims to understand the social costs and benefits of the co-production of Free and Open Source Software by volunteer projects and commercial firms. Our primary research question is: To what extent are F/OSS projects supported by waged labour, and how does this affect project cohesion and long-term sustainability? 

Your participation: The survey is anonymous. Answering all the questions will take less than five minutes of your time as there are only seven questions. To participate in the survey, you need to read, and then certify that you have read, the Information Sheet (PDF) and the Consent Form (PDF).

Project team: Mathieu O’Neil (University of Canberra), Laure Muselli (Telecom Paris), Stefano Zacchiroli (University Paris Diderot / INRIA, former Debian Project Leader), Mahin Raissi (University of Canberra), and Xiaolan Cai (University of Canberra).

Survey duration: The survey will run for 2 weeks, from November 25th 2019 to December 9th 2019.

More information: If you would like to read a summary of our analysis of GitHub commits, showing to what extent F/OSS projects are supported by firms, here are some Preliminary Results (PDF). If you would like to obtain background information about this project, or information about our previous work such as the 2016 Debian Survey, please visit the Project Webpage (link).

This survey is anonymous.

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